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Chill Shower Steamers

Chill Shower Steamers

Restore & Relax!

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    The Power of Natural Ingredients


    Unwind and relax with our lavender and eucalyptus shower steamer. The perfect way to de-stress after a long day, these steamers release a soothing blend of lavender and eucalyptus essential oils as they dissolve in the steam of your shower. Simply place one steamer on the floor of your shower, out of the direct stream of water, and let the soothing scents engulf you as you shower. Perfect for those looking to add a little extra relaxation to their daily routine

    1 - 1.7 oz Steamer; or
    4 - 1.7 oz Steamers
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    Due to high concentration of essential oils, do not use in the bath, it can cause skin irritation.


    Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Cornstarch, Witch Hazel Extract, Essential Oils, Menthol Crystals.

    How to Use

    Add to your shower to help wake you up. Place steamer towards the back of the shower to allow some water to activate. Turn on the shower and breathe in the essential oil blend.


    Disclaimer: This product should not be used in the bath and only designed to use as a shower steamer. This contains a high concentration of Essential Oils, which can cause skin irritation in a bath.

    Avoid contact with eyes. Flush immediately if contact with eye. Contact a physician if irritation continues. Keep out of reach of children. If ingested, contact poison control.

    Customer Reviews

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    Soo relaxing!

    I lit a candle and then turned off the lights in my bathroom. Then I started a hot shower and put in one of these steamers, and was bliss. It smells pleasant and relaxing without being overpowering. (I'm kinda sensitive to strong smells so this was good for me.) One steamer melts perfectly in the duration of one shower, which is nice. Highly recommend adding these into your self-care routine :)

    Suzanne Dove

    Haven't even had a chance to use it in the shower yet, but the scent in the cupboard is so wonderful!! Going to purchase more for gifting!

    Excellent gift!

    This was a gift for a friend, and she loved the scents. Arrived quickly and easy to use! I would definitely purchase again.