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About Us

"Skin care is like dieting. You have to invest time and effort. There is no instant miracle cure."

- Karen Grant

Who We Are

Angel's Essence specializes in homemade natural skin and hair products. We are currently located in Atlanta, but operate from both Atlanta and Las Vegas. We are a minority owned and operated business. ​All of our products are handmade with sensitive skin at the forefront of our creations. We do not test on animals (maybe just family members!) and have been created with your skin and hair in mind. Thank you for checking out our website and we hope you enjoy your product.

What We Make

* Less ingredients
* Good for your ingredients
* No SLS in any of our products
* All natural Citric Acid preservative made from sugar cane
* Our products include organic, kosher and Non-GMO ingredients
* Made for all skin types, especially sensitive skin
* Our products hydrate, moisturize, soften, shine and condition your hair and skin

Angel's Essence...The Beginnings

Angel's Essence began at my home to help myself and several other family members who have dry, sensitive skin. I initially created the crème for my nephew and god daughter who both have eczema. I then created another version for my dry skin. Living in Las Vegas you cannot go a day without moisturizing and many store lotions don't do the trick. I hope you enjoy my product and feel free to leave feedback on our social media pages.

Our Jars, Bottles and gift boxes are 100% recyclable. Please do your part and take care of your environment and add them to a recycling bin.