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Introducing Our Bath Soaks

Upgrade your self-care routine with a bath soak that promotes relaxation and well-being.

There’s nothing like ending a fast-paced week with a soothing warm bath. Imagine this—your diffuser running in the background while you sip on your glass of wine and feel your muscles relax.

The only thing missing in this scene is one of our new and improved bath products! Our bath soaks are a thoughtful blend of epsom salts and pure essential oils—formulated to relieve skin inflammation and irritation caused by eczema and help with muscle aches by relaxing tense muscles and reducing inflammation.

The new and improved bath soaks include the perfect mix of ingredients to experience a detox bath, which helps to exfoliate and hydrate the skin, while purifying the body of toxins.

Each of our bath soaks have a result in mind—choose from our Calm, Chill, Clear, Soak, or Detox blends. Whether you are looking to restore yourself after a long day or you need to clear your airways from pesky sinuses, we have a bath soak that will elevate your warm bath ritual!

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